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Interpersonal Relationship Skills for Aspergers Women

Women with Aspergers face a unique set of challenges. They may have a more difficult time with relationships, career, college, and other aspects of their life than their "typical" counterparts. It may also be more difficult for these women to get the help and support they need than Aspergers men, because many females with the disorder were not diagnosed as kids, and the disorder is stereotyped as affecting males more often - and to a greater degree.

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  1. I totally agree with everything you said on the article. Your last sentence is very striking thought. It is indeed true to accept yourself for who you are. If you have perfected self-acceptance, then you are now ready to face the world of reality.

  2. now i have Asperger's my self and the whole diagnosis stuff when i was young was rough. knowing that Asperger's is rare in women and the fact that the condition is hard to spot in the first place. all i can say is this being Aspergic brings a whole rage of different things good and bad and it is true some people don't get that we are a little different i myself am prone to shifting my mood very quickly and getting very confused but i am also very good with people, giving advice and i have a vast knowledge base so there is a good and bad side what matters is that you find out what you are good and bad at and accept that.


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