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Developing Conversation Skills: Tips for Adults with Aspergers

Although most "Aspies" can hold a conversation, only a few are smooth and charismatic when they talk. Working as a “life coach” for teens and adults with Aspergers, I have explored and tested many techniques for improving their conversation skills. Here are 15 simple ways to be a good conversationalist.

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  1. This is great, and very timely for my son. I'm printing it out for him. A much better approach to higher social functioning than the concept he was getting stuck on, namely, trying to be more adept at making quick comebacks at people who are rude to him.

  2. Uh, my problem is that the words don't come, and if they do, they don't come out "right." They are like scattered puzzle pieces that I can't put together fast enough; people are not patient enough or interested when I don't speak in a way that keeps their attention. At 47, I've tried all these tips; I needed to learn this early in life. Never had the support necessary as a child to thrive.

  3. I think you are missing the number one important one: be interested in people other than yourself. Be interested in the things other people want to talk about, not the things that you want to talk about. Second, do not raise your voice over other people talking. Defer to other speakers.


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