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The Autistic Me

This is a great BBC documentary about 3 men with varying degrees of autism trying to escape the limbo between childhood and adulthood. Oli is desperate to be employed, Alex is looking for love, and Tom just wants to be like other people his own age. Overall, the documentary presents a powerful picture of the struggles these young men face in overcoming their disorder.

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  1. I was recently diagnosed at age 44, has anyone else been diagnosed so late? Thanks.

  2. I think it is quite common for people in our generation to be diagnosed late, as the diagnosis was not well-known until at least the late 1980s. I am 40 myself and wass diagnosed at age 34. The younger generation are normally diagnosed when they are young/children.

  3. I was diagnosed in 2010 at age of 41

  4. Thanx for replying :) Was it your decision to be assessed? or from family? Thanx.

  5. ‎37 yrs old. This year. Myself. One son (thus far) diagnosed too, before I was.

  6. I was this year @37 yrs old. I saw Doctors since I was 14 about anxiety, insomnia, eating issues, relationship troubles etc... I thought I was schizophenic. I dropped out for 2 yrs in high school, went to about 5 high schools, my Mom took me to an alternative school and sat there for the 2 subjects I took, then I did night school with mostly adults (never made a friend there, but liked learning at night and the age range...) I somehow transitioned back, with a life management course, and lots of encouragement, hang out alone in a library a lot, made a few friends the second year back...ended up I got a BA and my ECE... I was always drawn/worked with ppl with special needs, and Autism. It was like I felt what was going on inside... Well. It took being diagnosed, and seeing Temple Grandin's movie to understand that I see and think in pictures and did so way more as a child. I thought I was an artistic person, and it was what they did... But it is way more, I have internal echolalia, like a film, and a great deal of audio at certain times. It is probably how I process things, whenever it has slipped out, I have worked it, since childhood to somehow be comical. I just came across different. Girls can mask it, we seem to mimic quite well, and we remember the scoldings of parents and friends, other "mother hen" girls telling us to behave, be quite, stop this or that while playing... I read, thought I had OCD... Then thought in College it was mild Autism, and a teacher made me feel like, "yes, quite biggie." But, with marriage, less parental support and children, I see with change, tricks I've learned to cope and thrive...because the more on my plate the more the challenge. But I do it. :) The hardest years are long gone. Childhood/TEENS. But, my son has ASD and that was when I looked at myself again, and saw, wow....he and I are very different, but, sooo alike. In Autism. And there ya go in a nutshell I guess.


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