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Adult Aspergers Subtypes: The “Loner”

The “Loner” displays a persistent pattern of detachment from social relationships as well as a restricted range of expression of emotions in inter-personal settings. He or she:

  • almost always chooses solitary activities
  • appears indifferent to praise or criticism from others
  • has little interest in having sexual relations with a partner
  • lacks close friends other than first-degree relatives
  • neither desires nor enjoys inter-personal relationships
  • shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affect
  • takes pleasure in only one or two activities
  • is frequently (but often unintentionally) standoffish, cold and unresponsive

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  1. I hope you are going to publish an article on "The Outcast". That is my daughter to a T!

  2. hi is there an article about the actor type please?

  3. Please publish an article on Aspergers and The Outcast. That appears to be the exactly what I am looking for.

  4. You don't have to be just one type, I'm 50 at high school I was the outcast, for the first 10 years of my working life I was the actor, now I'm married with kids and have my own business I'm now a mix of the loner and the actor.

  5. i don't know where i fit. i must be a loner but i never get lonely. i have no interest in sex. the most interest i had in sex was in middle school. in hs, social development of others kept me as an outcast. my mother probably had some serious mental problems and was abusive. my father had another woman/family the whole time and my whole siblings were not entirely normal either but they socialized and sought sexual activities, something i would never go out of my way for as i got older. i don't know where i fit. i tried to fit in only because my mother said i was not normal staying alone. things could go either way. i could form close bonds with a few friends and we'd make each other laugh so hard. other times i was completely weird like the dog in 'the thing' that got put in the cell and all the other dogs immediately knew it was different.

  6. I'm a loner type and now I'm getting old have lost all interest in life. Looking back at my life I feel cheated that and wish i'd never been born.

  7. Is it possible to be a part of two of those types or all three at once? I'm just curious.

  8. This is me 100%. I don't care what other people do as long as I can do what I want when I want. My cat shows me more pure affection than any human ever has. Humans are too needy. Can you run to the store? Can you pick up so and so? No I can't, and I won't. Relationships to me are like a second shift job. You get done making your money then you have to come home and answer more questions with no down time. As long as my anxiety/depression is under control I am snug and happy as a bug in a rug baby. You know what's nice about being alone and happy? I'm happy, and without all the external needs that most people need. I hope this helps other Loner Aspie's to relate.

  9. A healthy mix of Actor and Loner here. At times in my life I am sure I've been somewhat Outcast, but for the most part Actor/Loner. When in highly social work environs I lean towards the Actor out of necessity. Keeping a job in the guest services sector requires it, though constantly putting on the persona of someone else is taxing. I now stay away from guest services and am employed as a machinist with only a few people I interact with on a daily basis - it is lovely and perfect for the Loner side.
    As for personal relationships.. I have a mid-size list of people I am comfortable with/they are comfortable with me being me, and close friends I can count on one hand. I find them to be stunningly beautiful inner-beings and prefer to keep and develop these close ones as I can further learn and navigate through intimacy/emotions/inter-personal relationships/ boundaries etcetera. And sex sometimes. :)


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