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50 Great Jobs for Adults with Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism

“Would there be a list of jobs that might be best suited for adults with Asperger’s?”
The short answer is “yes.” Some adults with Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism may have difficulties with short-term memory, multi-tasking, and social skills. So, here is a list of good jobs (not all-inclusive) for these adults based on their unique challenges:

1.    Accounting
2.    Animal trainer
3.    Automobile mechanic
4.    Bank teller (drive-up position only)
5.    Building maintenance
6.    Building trades
7.    Carpenter
8.    Ceramics
9.    Clerk and filing jobs
10.    Commercial art
11.    Computer animation
12.    Computer programming
13.    Computer repair
14.    Copy shop jobs
15.    Data entry
16.    Drafting
17.    Engineering
18.    Equipment designing
19.    Factory maintenance
20.    Fast food restaurant jobs (drive-up position only)
21.    Freelance work
22.    Home-based business
23.    Inventory control
24.    Janitor jobs
25.    Jewelry making
26.    Journalist
27.    Laboratory technician
28.    Landscaping
29.    Lawn and garden work
30.    Lawnmower repair
31.    Library science
32.    Mathematician
33.    Musical instrument repair
34.    Newspaper editor
35.    Photography
36.    Physicist
37.    Piano tuner
38.    Recycling plant jobs
39.    Small appliance repair
40.    Statistician
41.    Supermarket worker (e.g., stocking shelves, bagging groceries)
42.    Taxi driver
43.    Telemarketing (employee works with the public, but not face-to-face)
44.    Tree trimmer
45.    Veterinary technician
46.    Video game designer
47.    Warehouse jobs
48.    Web page design
49.    Welder
50.    Wood carving

These are just a few of the jobs that adults on the autism spectrum would be good at. There are certainly many more!

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  1. Where to find these jobs for someone with Aspergers. My son 19 years old.,enjoys and is adept in photography. Melbourne Australia. Would love him to find casual opportunity.


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