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Medications That Help with the Symptoms of ASD

"I’m a 60 y.o. male with Asperger syndrome (was diagnosed in my 40s), and I know there's no antidote for my disorder, but are there any medications that I could use that help treat some of the unwanted symptoms – for example anxiety and moodiness (just to name a couple)?"

True, there are no prescription medications that specifically treat ASD [or Asperger’s], but there are many that may improve certain symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression, etc.). 
There are also medications used to treat behavioral issues, (e.g., hyperactivity, aggression, self-injurious behavior, anger-control problems, meltdowns, etc.) that keep the individual from functioning more effectively at work or school (and in your relationships, in general).

Some of these medications are prescribed “off-label” (i.e., they have not been officially approved by the FDA, but the doctor prescribes them anyway if he or she feels they are appropriate).

Some examples of medications that target symptoms of Asperger’s include the following: 
  • Abilify: Effective for treating irritability related to Asperger’s
  • Intuniv: Helpful for the problems of hyperactivity and inattention
  • Revia: Helps reduce repetitive behaviors
  • Risperdal: Prescribed for agitation and irritability
  • SSRIs: Used to treat depression (e.g., Fluoxetine and Sertraline)
  • Zyprexa: Prescribed to reduce repetitive behaviors
  • Olanzapine (Zyprexa): Used "off-label" for the treatment of aggression, agitation, and other serious behavioral disturbances

You may also want to consider complementary or alternative therapies. Some examples that have been used for ASD include: 
  • Secretin
  • Carnosine
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C (usually in combination with other vitamins)
  • Melatonin
  • Gluten-free or casein-free diets

Other therapies that have been tried (but lack objective evidence to support their use) include:
  • chiropractic manipulations
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • immune therapies
  • massage and craniosacral massage
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation

Speak with your doctor and your local pharmacist about any medications you may want to try. Your local pharmacy will have a wealth of information about the medications they are dispensing and can be a valuable resource.

Preferably, work with a doctor who has experience with autism. The doctor will prescribe the lowest dose possible to be effective. Ask the doctor about any side effects the medication may have, and keep a record of how you respond to the medication. Read the “patient insert” that comes with your medication, and keep the inserts in a small notebook to be used as a reference. This is most useful when several medications are prescribed at one time.

Resources for Neurodiverse Couples:

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•    Anonymous said… check your local Autism society or a therapist competent in adult ASD diagnosis.
•    Anonymous said… Fluoxetin here
•    Anonymous said… How do you get a professional diagnosis as an adult ? I've tried to research it and there doesn't seem to be any specialists that I can find around here .
•    Anonymous said… I have carbamazepine 400mg venlafaxine 650mg and 80mg beta blockers
•    Anonymous said… I honestly didn't see it. But it sure explains a lot... basically explains my entire life!
•    Anonymous said… I taught 6 kids at a timewoth ASD for years. I knew...SD in 1997 but professionally Dx in 2010
•    Anonymous said… I use ANIRACETAM Choline Bitartrate (need used together) NAC reduce anxiety. L Tyrosine and DL Phenyalaine are Dopamine Precosors - low mmod in those on spectrum usually low dopamine.
•    Anonymous said… I was also diagnosed at 44 (after several years of teaching as an autism specialist, go figure!)
•    Anonymous said… I was also going to suggest CBD oil and fish oil (the omega 3s also help regulate the endocannabinoid system).
•    Anonymous said… I'm 40, been diagnosed since I was 9, looooong before they knew anything in terms of coping strategies and early introvention. After MUCH trial and error (mostly errors) I have a combo of meds that help me function better. Zoloft (depression and anxiety med combo) -start with a low dose cuz too much will make you crazy mean- Geodon (mood stabilizer) -taken at night cuz it will zonk you, and it will flatline your emotions if you take it twice a day- and Adderall (ADD medicine) this helps with executive functioning for me. Also take into account, this is more meds than most on the spectrum need. I have low functioning autism and my meds bring me to moderate functioning level.
•    Anonymous said… It's VERY expensive and really not worth the "official" diagnoses unless there is a reason you need the "label."  Like, to settle a family bet.
•    Anonymous said… My husband saw a psychiatrist with a special interest in autism spectrum
•    Anonymous said… Neuro Psych Evaluation, family's history
•    Anonymous said… Nice to see the awareness of how these issues effect not only self, but others. Best wishes.
•    Anonymous said… Prescription meds are a crap shoot.....scary to have a bad reaction. Most psychiatrists don't listen but just hand out pills from my experience.
•    Anonymous said… Rx meds are definitely a trial and error kind of thing .
•    Anonymous said… Sam E and or CBD oil for the depression and anxiety. You can legally get CBD oil online and at some health stores.
•    Anonymous said… This site has a great amino acids questionnaire that might give you some anxiety relief

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