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What's The Best Therapy for Adults with Aspergers?

“My name is Josh and I’m a 24 y.o. recently diagnosed Aspie and was wondering what the best therapy would be. I have (and had for many years) anxiety issues, depression, difficulty connecting with some people, some sensory sensitivities, just to name a few.”

No “best” therapy exists since every person on the spectrum is different. What may be highly effective for someone else may not benefit you in the least. But, there are several standard courses of treatment that can address different issues, depending on the individual.

Here are some of the most prevalent options available:

1. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA): Although the majority of ABA is done with kids, experts are starting to work with adults, too. Basic living skills is a popular goal for this therapy (booking a flight, renting an apartment, preparing for a job interview, etc.).

2. Speech and Language Therapy: This therapy deals with social communication, and in some cases, social skills (e.g., how to get better and reading non-verbal cues and body language).

3. Social Skills Training: This therapy can help you learn how to relate better to others (e.g., details such as personal space and understanding slang, how to recognize social cues and gestures, making and keeping friends, etc.).

4. Sensory Integration Therapy: This therapy will help you get your sensory systems in synch.

5. Physical Therapy: This therapy addresses the physical clumsiness that sometimes comes with the disorder (e.g., problems with balance, awkward gait, etc.).

6. Occupational Therapy: This approach is basically used to teach independence (e.g., typing, handwriting, social skills, sports skills such as bowling, etc.).

7. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This method is used to treat the emotional side of Aspergers (e.g., obsessions, anxiety, depression, etc.). CBT will help you form the connections between emotions and behavior.

Best of luck Josh!

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