Are you an adult with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's? Are you in a relationship with someone on the autism spectrum? Are you struggling emotionally, socially, spiritually or otherwise? Then you've come to the right place. We are here to help you in any way we can. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile...

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Our Top 10 Picks for Books Related to Men with Asperger's

Here are our top picks that specifically target adult males with Asperger syndrome - in order of popularity:

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  1. Hi my name is John, I live in Edinburgh, I am 42 , seen pcycharatist last April for 3 session, NHS, I asked him what was wrong with me? He said I had high functioning autism/ Asperger's and related PTSD symptoms as a result of having autism and Asperger's, growing up being rejected by family and peers as being a weirdo, no formal recognition of the disease back when I was a kid growing up in rural Ireland, but the pcycharatist would not give me a formal written diagnosis,!!!???!? Now I am in limbo although he prescribe me quetiapine, 50 mg a day, and 20 mg citalopram, I was on 40 mg citalopram previous, by doctors starting out on 10 mg in 2010, and increased in time,because doctors missed what I had wrong with me, anyway could you offer any help please,as to why he would not give me formal diagnosis,so I could access the support I need, I am in a real bad way @ present,I do see a mental health organisation s.a.m.h.who visit me on a weekly basis, but I need answers, thank you,


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