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15 Reasons to Stop Drinking: Tips for Adults with Asperger’s Who Self-Medicate

Over the years, I have had many adults with Asperger’s report that they drink alcohol on a regular basis to alleviate stress and boredom. Also, many use alcohol as their main coping mechanism for socializing and to feel less disconnected or awkward.

But, have you considered all the benefits to stopping drinking? By not drinking alcohol, you are able to improve your life in all kinds of ways. The advantages of quitting FAR outweigh the advantages of drinking.

Here’s a partial list of benefits worth looking at:

1.  After you stop drinking, your damaged liver will begin to regenerate itself.

2.  Stopping helps you look younger. Alcohol is bad for the skin, because it dehydrates the body and causes inflammation. Constant inflammation will damage your skin (it dries out and becomes less elastic). Also, alcohol lowers “collagen” levels, which is a protein that connects the skin cells and strengthens the tissue. When collagen breaks down, the skin sags and becomes loose.

3.  Your body won’t be required to work overtime to process the toxins in the alcohol, freeing up energy for more constructive activities.

4.  No more “moral hang-overs” (i.e., engaging in undesirable and regrettable behavior or decision-making that causes feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment the next day).

5.  No more hang-overs, which translates into having more time to get shit done.

6.  Your brain won’t have to go haywire trying to recalibrate itself.

7.  No more heightened anxiety the following day due to psychological withdrawal.

8.  No more reduction in the lifespan of the cells in your heart, liver, pancreas, and other organs.

9.  Your heart and lungs won’t have to pump at irregular speeds.

10.  Stopping drinking saves you a bunch of money. Over time, those $5 mixed drinks at the bar really add up. Even if you only go to the bar once a week and have only two drinks, you will end up spending more than $500 per year.

11.  Those who quit drinking reap the benefit of living a longer and healthier life.

12.  Your liver won’t have to go into overdrive to metabolize the alcohol, which means it can spend its resources metabolizing macro and micro- nutrients.

13.  When others see you making an effort to stop drinking, a few of them will forgive you for the past shit you said or did to them while under the influence. One of the greatest advantages of sobriety is being able to start fresh with some family members and friends.

14.  You’ll be consuming way fewer calories, which translates into a huge fat loss.

15.  Your quality of sleep will improve dramatically.

The bottom line is this: Sobriety offers you a second chance at life. With the constant burdens of exhaustion, hangovers, and illness, you never have time to focus on your goals. What are some of your goals? Whatever they are, the best way to achieve them is to stop drinking alcohol. Sobriety opens up all kinds of physical, emotional, and financial doors that will NEVER exist otherwise.

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