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Why Adults with Asperger’s Have "Meltdowns"


  1. Huh ... I just was off work and found "6 Reasons Why People with Aspergers..." video open. Although I resent the use of the term "aspie" through out the video, I felt inspired enough to leave a comment and watch a second video.

    This christmas I'll be 33 years old. About three years ago my son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. As it turns out my grandfather was also diagnosed in the military but refused to share the information or was in denial.

    These recent discoveries and learning about autism to help support my son has made me realize that I my self have been struggling with many of the symptoms of Asperger through out my life and even today. I'm certain I have these outbursts at least once or twice a month, if not once a week.

    My son has outbursts and obsessive behaviors. My wife is doing a lot of research to help support him and it's brought to light a lot of ways I can help my self and my son. Humans have been living with various mental conditions through out history. It's only today that we are connected and sharing enough that subtle changes of the mind can be observed on a macro scale.

    I haven't had a chance to talk to a doctor about my own problems lately, I seem to have been able to cope with everything well enough so far and I see a lot of my own behaviors in my son, so I really try and help him find positive ways to direct his energy and conduct his actions.

    Please tolerate and respect any people with disabilities or special abilities!

  2. My husband had high anxiety autism he's the most loving person I have ever known this information is a great help.


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