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5 Simple Dating Tips for Adults with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism

Are you an adult with Aspergers (high functioning autism) who would really enjoy dating, but feel as though you just don't have what it takes to be successful? Then this post is for you!

Here are some simple, yet crucial keys to achieving the date of your dreams:

1. Be Yourself— I think the biggest tip I can give is be yourself – don’t fake being someone else. If you fake being someone else, the relationship will be based on lies and will end up being very unhealthy. Are you a bit quirky? Fine! Stay that way.

2. Disclose Aspergers— You may not want to disclose your Aspergers right away – but you should rather soon. Aspergers is part of who you are, and if your significant other is aware of it, she can understand the issues you have. If she understands the issues you have, there will be less communication errors, arguing and fighting. If when she finds out, she leaves you, then (to be blunt) she wasn’t for you anyway.

3. Discuss Social Issues— You may not be able to party or hang out with large groups of people on a first date because of the overwhelming social pressure, so you need to talk about that. Make a compromise… hang out with a few friends at a time.

4. Meet the Family— Your going to have to meet your date's friends and family at some point. Do it just a few of them at a time, not all at once. It will be less overwhelming and less awkward.

5. Talk about Sensory Sensitivities— People with Aspergers are affected by sensory sensitivities. You will need to disclose this at some point with your potential new partner. For example, when you cuddle up with that special someone, if she is wearing clothing that has a texture that is uncomfortable to you – tactfully let her know.

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I share your you tube clip - Living with an Aspergers partner: “The Neurotypical wife’s grief cycle” … in my group at least 6 times a year, especially with new ladies. I truly think you need to bring this seminar to Australia and I want you to know, although I love Tony Atwood whom is Australian and we have seen him several times, my hubby relates to you, he likes your way of talking and it was this clip that seemed to turn a switch from his denial after 5 years of being dx and 14 years together.. it’s 4 years now and he is fully accepting and willing equally to work with me, not against me. We are a team in this…

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