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Coping with Aspergers Women: Tips for NT Partners

If you are the partner of a lady with Aspergers (high functioning autism), and you become a bit frustrated with her on occasion, then  take the time to utilize a few of the simple, straight forward tips below.

They should make a significant improvement in the quality of your relationship. After all, you know she's a special lady with a ton of positive qualities, and you don't want to lose her!

1. Communicate with your Aspergers women precisely and directly. Since Aspergers individuals have trouble reading non-verbal cues, you will need to give full and complete messages. Do not speak ambiguously. Try different forms of communication, such as letters, lists and email.

2. Talk openly about finances. Aspergers individuals sometimes have poor money management skills. An Aspergers partner may want to spend lavishly, yet be critical of normal household expenses. Using a third party, such as a financial planner, may be helpful.

3. Respond instead of reacting. This can be difficult when you're frustrated with your Aspergers woman, but if you force yourself to remain calm, you will have a more positive interaction.

4. Find help for yourself. Get involved with a support group for spouses of people with Aspergers. If you become depressed, don't hesitate to get medical assistance.

5. Be totally up front with your Aspergers woman about emotions. Tell her how you feel, even when you think it's patently obvious, and ask her to do the same. She will love you for it.

6. Remember that above all, people with Aspergers have the same feelings and emotions as everyone else and want the same things in life that every human being wants: to be respected, to be treated with dignity, and to be happy.

7. Try to find some common ground, some activity that both of you enjoy. Agree to get together some time and do it.

Couples affected by Aspergers can have a happy, loving, and successful relationship. It may take a little work and a little extra effort, but it is possible and it is worth it. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, couples that truly love each other can - and will - make their relationship work.

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