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Why People with AS and High-Functioning Autism Prefer Non-Social Activities

Why does your partner on the autism spectrum prefer to spend time with his/her work or special interest more so than you? This video will explain why.

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  1. Then what is the left out spouse to do to motivate their spouse to want to be together?

    1. For mine.. I joined him in his special interest. Mine is into computers and games, so I suggested we start playing Minecraft together as a “date night”. We work as a team and it gives us a common interest to discuss. I also join him in some of his TV shows and movies.
      When he has had a bad day I encourage him to go play/relax away from us (we have 4 kids). The kids also play Minecraft.

  2. Can you please refer me to some video's or references about a relationship when both individuals have Asperger's. Especially why are some with aspergers better at the relationship then their partner. Where the female has more characteristics of the male mentioned in these videos.


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