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Why Your Partner/Spouse with ASD Blames You For All the Relationship Problems

This audio clip from one of Mark Hutten's lectures will help explain why a person on the autism spectrum will tend to blame others for his/her trials and tribulations:

Theory of mind [summary]:
  • allows people to infer the intentions of others, as well as to think about what's going on in someone else's head, including hopes, fears, beliefs, and expectations
  • develops as children gain greater experience with social interactions
  • encompasses the ability to attribute mental states, including emotions, desires, beliefs, and knowledge
  • social-cognitive skill that involves the ability to think about mental states, both your own and those of others
  • the ability to understand that other people's thoughts and beliefs may be different from your own and to consider the factors that have led to those mental states

Resources for Neurodiverse Couples:

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  1. It makes sense that many people with ASD use outcome to judge morality. But I’ve often seen people who are quick to blame someone for normal behavior that had the outcome of making them anxious, excusing themselves for causing a truly negative outcome, like causing observable physical, financial or emotional pain, because of their intentions, which often weren’t even good. It’s hard to square that.


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