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ASD Men's-Only Group Therapy: Help for Husbands Experiencing Chronic Marital Discord

Are you a man on the autism spectrum married to a neurotypical (NT) wife? And have you been in the “doghouse” for a very-very-very long time? If so, you really should read this:

How many times have you said the following things to yourself?
  • “My wife seems to harbor so much resentment.”
  • “She has been unhappy with me for many years now.”
  • “It doesn’t matter what I say or do, it’s never good enough.”
  • “She complains that she’s both mentally and physically sick because of how I ‘treat’ her.”
  • “She thinks I need to be ‘fixed’, or our relationship will continue to deteriorate.”
  • “She has mentioned separation and divorce several times.”
  • “She has become my #1 source of anxiety, which contributes to me either shutting down or melting down!”
  • “No matter how hard I try, she’s always disappointed in me.”
  • “She frequently complains that I don’t show empathy or affection.”

Guys: What if I told you that I can help you come up with some strategies that will actually meet many of her needs and wants - perhaps for the first time?

Well, I’m telling you that - right now!

No, I don’t work miracles. But I have worked with people on the autism spectrum for several decades now, and am pretty good at helping them cultivate social skills and increase emotional competences.

The autistic brain is low in both social and emotional intelligence. And you’re married to a wife who is really high in both of those areas! So, you can see why there is such disagreement and conflict. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your disorder is not your fault. But it is also not an excuse to avoid working smart (not hard) on salvaging your marriage.

I have an “ASD men’s-only” group that will take a deep dive into some highly effective communication and relationship strategies. These will reduce your relationship-stress, while at the same time, give you some concrete methods to meet your wife’s emotional needs.

==> How many times has your wife accused you of being uncaring, insensitive, selfish - and even narcissistic?

==> Does she view your empathy-level as being SO LOW that she wonders if you are a sociopath?

==> Are there times when you can’t wait to get out of the house and go to work just to get away from her?

You know change needs to happen. Your self-esteem is probably already in the toilet at this point. You’re tired of living this way – and so is she. Arguing and defending doesn’t accomplish anything, and just drives a wedge even deeper between the two of you. 


Don’t let your anxiety hold you back from resolving the marriage conflict that has robbed you and your wife of the peace, joy and prosperity that you both deserve. Take action RIGHT NOW!  

I look forward to working with you in the next therapy group,

Mark Hutten, M.A. 

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Your Husband on the Autism Spectrum Has Lost Interest in Sex?!

NT Ladies - Group Therapy: Help for Distraught and Stressed Spouses in ASD Relationships

Are you a neurotypical (NT) in a relationship with a spouse with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? As the years go by, are you seeing yourself rapidly becoming reduced to a person who is depressed, anxious, discouraged – and feeling so alone.

Would you say you have finally reached the point of experiencing symptoms associated with Cassandra Syndrome? Is your mental and physical health declining – and has it been in decline for a long time?

If so, then alarm bells should be going off. You know changes need to happen! How much longer can you afford to wait?

==> If you’ve tried talking, yelling, pleading and negotiating -- but your ASD partner still “has no clue” what you need…

==> If you find yourself "walking on eggshells" around him trying to avoid saying something that will set him off…

==> If you are tired of struggling with a man who often shows little-to-no empathy or “emotional reciprocity” – and who seems more interested in work or his “special interest” than YOU…

==> If you are frustrated and exhausted from constant arguing because your ASD man NEVER EVER validates you, and instead has to make you wrong all the time…

Then you owe it to yourself to get outside assistance.

What if I could help you progress to a point where you no longer had to:
  • beg and argue with your husband to respond to simple requests
  • get pulled into pointless, never-ending shouting matches
  • engage in energy-sucking power struggles that ruin the entire week
  • feel powerless and stress-out because nothing you say to your ASD husband gets through

I can – and will – help you achieve these goals. No, I’m not a miracle worker, but I have been assisting individuals and couples affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder for a long, long time now—and I’m pretty good at it!

The problem is that most neurotypical (NT) partners/spouses have tried very hard to get just a little understanding and compliance, but with little - or no - success. And it seems the harder she tries, the worse it gets. I often hear the following statement from NTs: “I've tried everything with this man – and nothing works.”

I’m giving you the chance to break the cycle of constant disagreements that result in your husband’s blame-throwing, meltdowns, shutdowns and adult temper tantrums.

I'm not offering a complete “cure” for ALL of the relationship-problems associated with ASD, and I'm not trying to claim that every single thing you'll ever need to improve your situation will get covered in our counseling-group. But, if you are looking for rock solid and proven solutions to a whole bunch of ASD-predicaments that you experience with your spouse, then I'm very confident that you can benefit from my help.

You could (and may) spend the rest of the afternoon surfing and "researching" the problem(s) in question - only to find that you've gained a wonderful knowledge of what the problem is without any knowledge of what to do about it.

Listen! Here’s your chance to make some significant
and positive changes in your relationship.

NOTE: If you can get your husband involved, I also have couples group therapy 
for NT+ASD couples (use the link above for more information).
I hope to see you then,

Mark Hutten, M.A. ~

Group Therapy: Discount for Returning Members

This is your discount page...

Click Here ...or simply send $79.00 to
using PayPal to receive your returning-member discount.

Also, please email me []
and let me know which group you're registering for:
  • NT+ASD Couple's Group
  • NT Women's Group
  • ASD Men's Group
  • Cassandra Syndrome Recovery Group
I'll send you the access link within 24 hours.
==> Here are the dates/times of the next groups. <==

Thank you... and I'll look forward to seeing you again on Skype!

Mark Hutten, M.A.

Skype Support-Group for Neurotypical Ladies in ASD+NT Relationships

In counseling couples affected by autism spectrum disorder, it weighs heavy on my heart for both the spouse with the disorder and his or her NT partner. Both suffer in too many cases. 

Having said that, I think it’s important to have a support group other than Facebook where hurting partners can congregate and meet face-to-face rather than through texting and messaging in Facebook - sharing their stories, and possibly sharing some things that have made a bad situation less problematic. So, in the Spirit of providing a deeper level of support, I’ve created a Skype group. This one will be for NT ladies only

Click on the link below to join this group. You will need the Skype app on your device. I will be monitoring this group periodically. But for the most part, I will just stay out of the way [other than providing articles and videos that will hopefully be of some assistance]. 

My suggestion is to click on the link, join the group, then send out a message in the text area regarding your availability [i.e., days/times] to chat with others. Simply state that you have an interest in talking to other ladies in the group. Also, it would be helpful to provide your time zone so that others can coordinate with your availability. After you post your message in the Skype group, log-in periodically to see who saw your message and wants to set-up a time to meet with you.

SCHEDULED CALLS: We will have 2 to 3 scheduled calls per week as well. By clicking on the link below, you will be able to see the exact days/times of these meetings, and you can join one or both if it fits into your schedule.

Sometimes there’s nothing more healing than being with a group of others who are experiencing the same roller-coaster ride as you! And research shows that face-to-face contact [even via the Internet] provides many of the same emotional/social benefits as socializing with others offline.

If you are lonely, depressed and at your wits-end, this just may be something that can help pull you out of the doldrums - at least briefly. Members are free to meet as frequently as they want.

Email me ASAP if you experience any problems:


God bless!

Mark Hutten, M.A.

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