NT Ladies Workshop: Help for Distraught and Stressed Spouses in ASD Relationships

Are you a neurotypical (NT) in a relationship with a spouse with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? As the years go by, are you seeing yourself rapidly becoming reduced to a person who is depressed, anxious, discouraged – and feeling so alone.

Would you say you have finally reached the point of experiencing symptoms associated with Cassandra Syndrome? Is your mental and physical health declining – and has it been in decline for a long time?

If so, then alarm bells should be going off. You know changes need to happen! How much longer can you afford to wait?

==> If you’ve tried talking, yelling, pleading and negotiating -- but your ASD partner still “has no clue” what you need…

==> If you find yourself "walking on eggshells" around him trying to avoid saying something that will set him off…

==> If you are tired of struggling with a man who often shows little-to-no empathy or “emotional reciprocity” – and who seems more interested in work or his “special interest” than YOU…

==> If you are frustrated and exhausted from constant arguing because your ASD man NEVER EVER validates you, and instead has to make you wrong all the time…

Then you owe it to yourself to get outside assistance.

What if I could help you progress to a point where you no longer had to:
  • beg and argue with your husband to respond to simple requests
  • get pulled into pointless, never-ending shouting matches
  • engage in energy-sucking power struggles that ruin the entire week
  • feel powerless and stress-out because nothing you say to your ASD husband gets through

I can – and will – help you achieve these goals. No, I’m not a miracle worker, but I have been assisting individuals and couples affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder for a long, long time now—and I’m pretty good at it!

The problem is that most neurotypical (NT) partners/spouses have tried very hard to get just a little understanding and compliance, but with little - or no - success. And it seems the harder she tries, the worse it gets. I often hear the following statement from NTs: “I've tried everything with this man – and nothing works.”

I’m giving you the chance to break the cycle of constant disagreements that result in your husband’s blame-throwing, meltdowns, shutdowns and adult temper tantrums.

I'm not offering a complete “cure” for ALL of the relationship-problems associated with ASD, and I'm not trying to claim that every single thing you'll ever need to improve your situation will get covered in our counseling-group. But, if you are looking for rock solid and proven solutions to a whole bunch of ASD-predicaments that you experience with your spouse, then I'm very confident that you can benefit from my help.

You could (and may) spend the rest of the afternoon surfing and "researching" the problem(s) in question - only to find that you've gained a wonderful knowledge of what the problem is without any knowledge of what to do about it.

Listen! Here’s your chance to make some significant
and positive changes in your relationship.

NOTE: If you can get your husband involved, I also have couples group 
for NT+ASD couples (use the link above for more information).
I hope to see you then,

Mark Hutten, M.A. ~ mbhutten@gmail.com

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