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Should You Try to Act "Normal?" – Tips for People with Asperger’s

It probably goes without saying that people with Asperger’s (high-functioning autism) should not feel ashamed of who they are. I think it’s worthy of mention though, because some of these individuals – at some point in their life, and if they’re honest with themselves – have indeed felt “flawed” to one degree or another (usually as a result of repeated rejection and criticism from “typical” people).

If you’ve got a spark to you, and you’ve got things you’re super-interested in, don't kill it by trying to “conform.” Don't throw away one of best things you have going for you: your passion, even if it's living life on your own terms. Never settle for a cookie-cutter existence.

Many people with Asperger’s are so excited about their “special interests” that they barely notice they're the odd ones out (or if they do notice, they simply don't care). Use your talents and passions to find your “niche” – at school, in the work place, and elsewhere.

Many “quirky” Aspies find refuge in the arts, drama clubs, social networks, and so on. It’s always possible to find a place where you “belong” and can be accorded respect.

If there's a particular subject you’re interested in, see if you can start a club or online group – and find other people interested in the same thing. If you do encounter some harassment or rejection, you will already belong to - and have found success in - enough other activities that it won't really matter much.

When you encounter problems (and I say “when” - not “if”), try to find ways around some of the biggest trouble spots. Keep reminding yourself of how great you are. But the most important thing you can do is continue to allow yourself to simply be “you.”

When you let your true colors show, you will find focus and direction, establish boundaries, build courage, establish your own identity, and live in alignment with your values and beliefs.

So, back to the question of: Should You Try to Act Normal?

Well, that’s actually a trick question. You are already “normal.”

Are you “different” in many aspects? Yes, of course.

But, are you “abnormal”? NO! There is an abundance of neurodiversity in the world today.

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