Men-Only: Group for Adults on the Autism Spectrum - Support and Education

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ASD Men's-Only Workshop: Help for Husbands Experiencing Chronic Marital Discord

Are you a man on the autism spectrum married to a neurotypical (NT) wife? And have you been in the “doghouse” for a very-very-very long time? If so, you really should read this: How many times have you said the following things to yourself? “My wife seems to harbor so much resentment.” “She has been unhappy with me for many years now.” “It doesn’t matter what I say or do, it’s never good enough.” “She complains that she’s both mentally and physically sick because of how I ‘treat’ her.” “She thinks I need to be ‘fixed’, or our relationship will continue to deteriorate.” “She has mentioned separation and divorce several times.” “She has become my #1 source of anxiety, which contributes to me either shutting down or melting down!” “No matter how hard I try, she’s always disappointed in me.” “She frequently complains that I don’t show empathy or affection.” Guys: What if I told you that I can help you come up with some strategies that will actually meet many of her n

NT Ladies Workshop: Help for Distraught and Stressed Spouses in ASD Relationships

Are you a neurotypical (NT) in a relationship with a spouse with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? As the years go by, are you seeing yourself rapidly becoming reduced to a person who is depressed, anxious, discouraged – and feeling so alone. Would you say you have finally reached the point of experiencing symptoms associated with Cassandra Syndrome ? Is your mental and physical health declining – and has it been in decline for a long time? If so, then alarm bells should be going off. You know changes need to happen! How much longer can you afford to wait? ==> If you’ve tried talking, yelling, pleading and negotiating -- but your ASD partner still “has no clue” what you need… ==> If you find yourself "walking on eggshells" around him trying to avoid saying something that will set him off… ==> If you are tired of struggling with a man who often shows little-to-no empathy or “emotional reciprocity” – and who seems more interested in work or his “special int

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This is your discount page... Click Here ...or simply send $79.00 to using PayPal to receive your returning-member discount. Also, please email me [ ] and let me know which group you're registering for: NT+ASD Couple's Group NT Women's Group ASD Men's Group Cassandra Syndrome Recovery Group         I'll send you the access link within 24 hours.   ==> Here are the dates/times of the next groups. <==   Not a returning member? Sign-up for your first 4-week class here. Thank you... and I'll look forward to seeing you again on Skype! Mark Hutten, M.A.

95 Videos by Mark Hutten, M.A. : "Understanding Your Partner or Spouse on the Autism Spectrum"

As a neurodiverse couples-coach  (with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology), I work with couples where one partner has a diagnosis [or suspected diagnosis] of ASD Level 1. I’ve found that there are certain traits of the disorder that often make the relationship very challenging. However, when the partner on the autism spectrum focuses on improving certain traits, and the NT makes certain adjustments in how she/he approaches the autistic partner, the marriage is often able to come back from a crisis.  ==> VIDEOS: Understanding Your Partner or Spouse on the Autism Spectrum

Online Coaching Sessions for Individuals & Couples Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mark Hutten, M.A. ~ Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology Are you experiencing relationship difficulties with your ASD Level 1 spouse or partner? Are you on the autism spectrum and struggling to meet your neurotypical (NT) partner's needs and expectations? Has separation or divorce crossed your mind? Are the two of you already in the process of breaking up? If so, then this is your opportunity to receive counseling via Skype (or Zoom) from me, Mark Hutten, M.A. If you're interested, simply do the following: Create a Skype account, if you haven't done so already -- it's free! Email me : we can set-up a day and time to talk [I'm on Eastern Standard Time]. Cost: $149.00 per session. At some point before we meet, you will need to send a PayPal payment to: ..... or simply click on the PayPal Pay Now button below to purchase a session [you can purchase multiple sessions if you desire]. [Optional] A sh

Dealing with Severe Relationship Difficulties: Help for Couples Affected by Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism

Are you experiencing relationship difficulties with your ASD? Has separation or divorce crossed your mind? Are the two of you already in the process of breaking up?  S T O P ! ==> Don't make another decision until you read this!